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Selected F.W. Paintings

With an eclectic range of influences including 70s sci-fi films, and Detroit House music, this series became the foundation for the two-page spreads found in FREAKOPHONE WORLD (Inside the Castle, 2021). Inspired by early experiments with the artist’s book, like Leon Battista Alberti’s ‘tunnel book’, and William Kentridge's video installation, Preparing the Flute (2005), I constructed a virtual diorama that draws attention to the surface, and to the medium. 

Each object in the frame (which includes the frame itself) was originally painted by hand with watercolor on cardstock, digitally altered, and then reinserted as flat cut-out planes in Blender.

38_39 v2.jpg
52_53 v04 glow.jpg
46_47 v05 glow.jpg
100_101 .jpg
Spread_04_render_04 glow.jpg
spread_08_render v04 glow edit.jpg
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