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THE CRYPTORONE SEQUENCE  (forthcoming with Black Ocean)

THE CRYPTODRONE SEQUENCE is a simulation glitch, a cypher, a queer assemblage diary with a cutup persona—much like Kathy Acker’s Janey Smith from Blood and Guts in High School—an anarcho-punk-bot-tremor using as its source material a technical handbook on Computer Security Basics (circa 2002), as well as some chewed-up texts from Jean Genet, Édouard Glissant, Clarice Lispector, and others who together constitute this poetic intervention. I believe this poem speaks into a larger body of art-making that pulses at the intersection of race, technology and the occult—one signaling expressions of blackness that subvert their mediating technologies.


The technology I want to subvert most, here, is empire.

(First published in Tarpaulin Sky)


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